Heather + James Engagement | Max Patch

Can I start requiring that engagement sessions must to take place on top of a mountain?

This day on top of Max Patch was COLD, but Heather and James were so lovely and didn’t mind it one bit. I had so much fun taking in the views with them, and getting to know their love. I could go on, or just let the photos speak for themselves. Can’t wait to photograph their wedding in August!5DM35450 5DM35460 5DM35517 5DM35520 5DM35540 5DM35590 5DM35603 5DM35623 5DM356295DM35637 5DM35642 5DM35666 5DM35672 5DM35675 5DM35679 5DM35721 5DM35753 5DM35759 5DM35768 5DM35794 5DM35800 5DM35881 5DM35899 5DM35911 5DM35996 5DM36048 5DM36056 5DM36072 5DM36081 5DM36089 5DM36121 5DM36133 5DM36144 5DM36159 5DM36171 5DM36197


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