Lauren + Kevin | Barn at Blueberry Hill

Guys. This wedding is such a wonderful one. I fell in love with every aspect of the day. I fell in love with the couple upon meeting them, and witnessing their pure, sweet love for each other that has been growing since high school. I fell in love with their venue which was full of character, Barn at Blueberry Hill. I fell in love with all the beautiful details. My favorite weddings are ones like this. They are incredibly personal in the details, from photos of loved ones who couldn’t share the day with them, to the florals her Aunt Jeri arranged, and to the cake that her Aunt Beth made. This is the kind of wedding I wish I could be a part of every single weekend, and I think the photos show just how lovely the entire wedding was. Congratulations to these high school sweethearts!

Venue: Barn at Blueberry Hill

Hair: Megan Simpson

Flowers + Cake: Aunt Jeri and Aunt Beth

DJ: DJ TP King

Makeup: Lauren herself!

Huge thanks to Kristen Hinson Photography for helping me photograph the wedding!

5DM33715 5DM33790 5DM33780 5DM338305DM33723 5DM33738 5DM33744 5DM33810 5DM33808
5DM33875 5DM33879 5DM33881 5DM33941 5DM33943 5DM33956 5DM33994 5DM34001 5DM34010 5DM34022 5DM34036 5DM34066 5DM34077 5DM34092 5DM34101 5DM34148 5DM34218IMG_8158 5DM34228 5DM34265 IMG_8166 IMG_8160 5DM34327 5DM34340 5DM34345 5DM34609 5DM34622 5DM34639 5DM34646 5DM34662 5DM34673 5DM34697 5DM34718

5DM34742 5DM34761 5DM34794 5DM34810 5DM34835 5DM34860 5DM34846IMG_8193IMG_8190 5DM34916 5DM34928IMG_8257 5DM34944IMG_8279IMG_8284 5DM34981 5DM35008 5DM35015 5DM35193 5DM35197 5DM35226 5DM35228 5DM35245 5DM35287 5DM35315 5DM35374 5DM35510 5DM35524 5DM35537 5DM35667 5DM35684 5DM35687 5DM35729 5DM35734 5DM35112


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