Caitlin + Lacey | Old Salem

I met Caitlin and Lacey this past winter over coffee and the more they talked about their wedding, the more I knew I HAD to photograph it. It was taking place at a gorgeous inn that was filled with character, and it was right next to Old Salem, where they wanted their couple photos taken. It was very clear that their families were the most important part about the day, which I love so, so much. You know it’s going to be a fun wedding when the people attending are a big focus. Both families welcomed me with open arms the night of the rehearsal dinner, and I felt like I was simply a guest because of it. Being able to watch their parents, specifically their dads, take part in and enjoy their wedding weekend was by far my favorite part, but being able to photograph twice the amount of details; dresses, bouquets, and jewelry, was a close second 🙂

Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your day, Caitlin and Lacey!

A huge shoutout to Melissa Butler Photography for helping me out with this wedding! Check her out here.

Venue: The Historic Brookstown Inn

Hair and Make Up: Amy Smith

Flowers: Imagine Flowers

Dresses: Allure

DJ: First Call DJ and Karaoke

Cake: Delish Cakery

Event Planner: Jessica Hall

Decoration Rentals: Twice Loved Vintage

Videographer: Artistique Imagery

PS! – You HAVE to check out their short film by Artistique Imagery. It is so lovely. And so them.

GO HERE to see video!

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