Kristine + Jon | 1812 Hitching Post in Statesville, NC

Kristine and Jon met with me back in the Spring to plan for their 2016 wedding, but called me in August with the exciting news that they were pregnant. They decided to still have a reception in 2016, but to have an intimate ceremony with just family before September. I was so so happy that I was able to join them for it, so far, it’s one of my favorite weddings of the year! Following the ceremony, they did their gender reveal with balloons, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate a baby boy than with wedding cake and toasts. I had never been to 1812 Hitching Post before, but I instantly fell in love with it’s character. Every room was beautifully decorated, and the property outside is a photographer’s dream. Kristine and Jon are pretty much my dream couple, as well. They paid no attention to the camera while goofing around, making each other laugh and feel deeply loved. I can’t wait to document their reception in 2016, and meet their little boy!
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