Alicia + Ryan | Asheville, NC

I met the lovely Alicia during my senior year in college. We took digital photography together, then our last semester, took BA Seminar, the final push out of the door as an art major. I was ecstatic to hear that she was engaged, and even more excited when I got to meet the lucky guy, Ryan. I lovely spending time in Asheville with them, and got to see how they interact together, and how they laugh together, a lot. And that’s seriously the best. We got coffee and wandered downtown Asheville, then drove up to Craggy Pinnacle and hiked the trail to the incredible view of the mountains. We were able to watch a storm pass at sunset, and it gave us incredible light. I’m so in love with these images. And these people. Their wedding in April is going to be a fun one.5DM39285 5DM39448 5DM39322 5DM39386 5DM39371 5DM39292 5DM39595 5DM39527 5DM39477 5DM39705 5DM396615DM398535DM398525DM398815DM399275DM304385DM304615DM300905DM301615DM302065DM302255DM302505DM303555DM303415DM303265DM303005DM303685DM305275DM30376


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