Helfrich Newborn + Family Session

I’m very excited to share these images of very lovely friends. Tyler and Brian are creators. Tyler is an incredible painter and interior designer, and Brian owns the beloved Summit Coffee in Davidson with his brother and father (which, if you know me, you know I’m there every. single. day.). In every part of their lives, this family creates with intention, whether it’s roasting coffee, working with the Davidson community, making a house into a home, and raising some pretty awesome kids…which is why I’m so happy with how this at-home session came out. It was an honor to help welcome 13 day old Silas into the world, to document the family as a whole, and to see little Bay take on her new role as big sister. I’m eager to see what adventures are in store for this family of four (Five including Huck! You can’t forget their sweet dog with a heart of gold).5DM38302 5DM38291 5DM38322 5DM383095DM384395DM384295DM383605DM383855DM384095DM386785DM386415DM386195DM386145DM386035DM38598



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