Olivia’s Shelby, NC Bridal Session

This girl. She’s awesome. She was my first bride of 2015, and when I first booked her, she greeted me with a big hug. I clicked with her immediately and knew I just had to have her as one of my brides. She wanted her bridals to take place in the town she grew up, stopping by where the wedding reception would be held, and then wandering the town (including a visit to the old movie theater where she worked in high school). Her and her mother mentioned a carousel at a nearby park for a backdrop, which in my mind, I imagined as a teeny little one that might be cute. But guys. It’s so gorgeous. It was such a breathtaking setting to showcase an awesome bride and an awesome dress. I LOVE when my brides think of adventurous ideas like this, because, I mean, LOOK at these photos. Thanks so much to her and her mom for an absolutely wonderful morning exploring Shelby, and to Olivia for being an incredible model! I can’t wait to show you the wedding. Coming soon! 5DM38909 5DM39152 5DM39101

5DM39161 5DM39219 5DM39228 5DM39253 5DM39266 5DM39269 5DM39293 5DM39306

5DM39453 5DM39476

I debated including this image or not. I find it incredibly beautiful and full of movement, yet uneasy, because I can’t see her face clearly. And I think because it confuses me so much, it’s definitely worth a share. 🙂



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