Bill + Kemper’s Raleigh Engagement

I was so excited when these two wanted me to come to Raleigh for their engagement session. Even better, they wanted them taken at NCMA. I woke up the day of, checked the weather, and things were going to be sunny and 70 degrees. I arrived in sunny Raleigh, and 30 minutes before the session, a thunderstorm appeared on the radar. Once I met up with Bill and Kemper, the rain started and took to stop. I’m so thankful these two didn’t mind and were happy to continue with random bits of shelter and an umbrella.  Afterwards these two introduced me to the DELICIOUS pizza of Trophy Brewing and Pizza Co., and got to chat more about how they met and, of course, wedding plans. They are a darling couple and definitely have character. I know their wedding is going to be a blast!

By the way, are you into knitting? Because Kemper is. And Kemper is awesome. She has a podcast and blog about knitting, and it’s just as awesome as she is. Check her out!

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