Welcoming Levi to the Shields family, and memories from their beginning.

I have a lot of love for this family. Why? A lot of reasons, but one is they were there from the very beginning of my photography “career”. In 2011, I was not a good photographer compared to what I am now, but I knew that photographing milestones was what I wanted to do. Philip was one of my brother’s best friends in high school, so he spent most days skateboarding and participating in shenanigans in our driveway. He met the lovely Melissa in Charleston while he was attending the Citadel. I had just photographed my first family session ever when Philip called me and asked if I would go to the airport with him and photograph him proposing, and of course I said yes! After a beautiful proposal, they invited me to take their engagement session in Charleston…and of course I said yes, again! I’ve included a couple of these beautiful moments below.

189334_533565535167_667137_n 198366_533565679877_210399_n197287_533565634967_2334544_n

188292_189046904463946_1885573_n 189800_189046724463964_1473483_n

From then on, I photographed their rehearsal dinner, their maternity and 1st years sessions for their daughter and now they’ve added a handsome little man to the mix! I’m so honored that I get to follow this awesome family as they grow, and can’t wait to share these images with you. I love the interactions between them all, especially big sister’s love for her new littler brother.


5DM37965 5DM37925 5DM38117 5DM37910

5DM37942 5DM37954 5DM38107

5DM37987 5DM38010 5DM38011 5DM38015 5DM38017

5DM38079 5DM38075

5DM38034 5DM38036 5DM38045 5DM38047 5DM38067 5DM38132 5DM38134 5DM38148

5DM38157 5DM38158 5DM38160 5DM38171 5DM38173 5DM38184 5DM38189 5DM38190 5DM38209 5DM38210

5DM38244 5DM38248 5DM382625DM382605DM38265 5DM38296 5DM38328 5DM383355DM38360 5DM38366 5DM38380 5DM38399



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