Heather + James Engagement | Max Patch

Can I start requiring that engagement sessions must to take place on top of a mountain?

This day on top of Max Patch was COLD, but Heather and James were so lovely and didn’t mind it one bit. I had so much fun taking in the views with them, and getting to know their love. I could go on, or just let the photos speak for themselves. Can’t wait to photograph their wedding in August!5DM35450 5DM35460 5DM35517 5DM35520 5DM35540 5DM35590 5DM35603 5DM35623 5DM356295DM35637 5DM35642 5DM35666 5DM35672 5DM35675 5DM35679 5DM35721 5DM35753 5DM35759 5DM35768 5DM35794 5DM35800 5DM35881 5DM35899 5DM35911 5DM35996 5DM36048 5DM36056 5DM36072 5DM36081 5DM36089 5DM36121 5DM36133 5DM36144 5DM36159 5DM36171 5DM36197


Lauren + Kevin | Barn at Blueberry Hill

Guys. This wedding is such a wonderful one. I fell in love with every aspect of the day. I fell in love with the couple upon meeting them, and witnessing their pure, sweet love for each other that has been growing since high school. I fell in love with their venue which was full of character, Barn at Blueberry Hill. I fell in love with all the beautiful details. My favorite weddings are ones like this. They are incredibly personal in the details, from photos of loved ones who couldn’t share the day with them, to the florals her Aunt Jeri arranged, and to the cake that her Aunt Beth made. This is the kind of wedding I wish I could be a part of every single weekend, and I think the photos show just how lovely the entire wedding was. Congratulations to these high school sweethearts!

Venue: Barn at Blueberry Hill

Hair: Megan Simpson

Flowers + Cake: Aunt Jeri and Aunt Beth

DJ: DJ TP King

Makeup: Lauren herself!

Huge thanks to Kristen Hinson Photography for helping me photograph the wedding!

5DM33715 5DM33790 5DM33780 5DM338305DM33723 5DM33738 5DM33744 5DM33810 5DM33808
5DM33875 5DM33879 5DM33881 5DM33941 5DM33943 5DM33956 5DM33994 5DM34001 5DM34010 5DM34022 5DM34036 5DM34066 5DM34077 5DM34092 5DM34101 5DM34148 5DM34218IMG_8158 5DM34228 5DM34265 IMG_8166 IMG_8160 5DM34327 5DM34340 5DM34345 5DM34609 5DM34622 5DM34639 5DM34646 5DM34662 5DM34673 5DM34697 5DM34718

5DM34742 5DM34761 5DM34794 5DM34810 5DM34835 5DM34860 5DM34846IMG_8193IMG_8190 5DM34916 5DM34928IMG_8257 5DM34944IMG_8279IMG_8284 5DM34981 5DM35008 5DM35015 5DM35193 5DM35197 5DM35226 5DM35228 5DM35245 5DM35287 5DM35315 5DM35374 5DM35510 5DM35524 5DM35537 5DM35667 5DM35684 5DM35687 5DM35729 5DM35734 5DM35112

Caitlin + Lacey | Old Salem

I met Caitlin and Lacey this past winter over coffee and the more they talked about their wedding, the more I knew I HAD to photograph it. It was taking place at a gorgeous inn that was filled with character, and it was right next to Old Salem, where they wanted their couple photos taken. It was very clear that their families were the most important part about the day, which I love so, so much. You know it’s going to be a fun wedding when the people attending are a big focus. Both families welcomed me with open arms the night of the rehearsal dinner, and I felt like I was simply a guest because of it. Being able to watch their parents, specifically their dads, take part in and enjoy their wedding weekend was by far my favorite part, but being able to photograph twice the amount of details; dresses, bouquets, and jewelry, was a close second 🙂

Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your day, Caitlin and Lacey!

A huge shoutout to Melissa Butler Photography for helping me out with this wedding! Check her out here.

Venue: The Historic Brookstown Inn

Hair and Make Up: Amy Smith

Flowers: Imagine Flowers

Dresses: Allure

DJ: First Call DJ and Karaoke

Cake: Delish Cakery

Event Planner: Jessica Hall

Decoration Rentals: Twice Loved Vintage

Videographer: Artistique Imagery

PS! – You HAVE to check out their short film by Artistique Imagery. It is so lovely. And so them.

GO HERE to see video!

5DM30992 5DM30998 5DM30874 5DM30876 5DM30901 5DM30956 5DM30821 5DM308175DM310265DM310535DM310905DM310915DM31111IMG_80545DM311605DM311695DM311735DM311825DM31185IMG_80775DM316045DM316075DM316205DM316355DM316375DM316525DM31732  5DM317465DM317575DM317865DM318105DM318235DM318375DM318465DM318635DM31888IMG_80985DM318915DM318985DM319275DM319305DM320035DM320935DM321005DM321045DM321175DM321345DM321935DM322135DM322825DM322885DM323035DM323475DM31559  5DM315475DM315625DM330525DM324215DM324375DM324685DM324925DM32512IMG_81175DM326715DM326825DM327715DM328015DM329365DM330025DM330695DM330795DM330905DM331015DM33099

Kristine + Jon | 1812 Hitching Post in Statesville, NC

Kristine and Jon met with me back in the Spring to plan for their 2016 wedding, but called me in August with the exciting news that they were pregnant. They decided to still have a reception in 2016, but to have an intimate ceremony with just family before September. I was so so happy that I was able to join them for it, so far, it’s one of my favorite weddings of the year! Following the ceremony, they did their gender reveal with balloons, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate a baby boy than with wedding cake and toasts. I had never been to 1812 Hitching Post before, but I instantly fell in love with it’s character. Every room was beautifully decorated, and the property outside is a photographer’s dream. Kristine and Jon are pretty much my dream couple, as well. They paid no attention to the camera while goofing around, making each other laugh and feel deeply loved. I can’t wait to document their reception in 2016, and meet their little boy!
5DM32955 5DM32958 5DM33013 5DM33092 5DM330845DM33193 5DM33067 5DM33116 5DM33131 5DM33137 5DM33145 5DM33154 5DM33157 5DM33172 5DM33197 5DM33228 5DM33234IMG_7735 5DM332405DM332545DM332575DM332635DM332765DM332815DM332955DM33307IMG_7741IMG_77485DM33326IMG_7806 IMG_7808 IMG_7814 IMG_7821IMG_7836 IMG_7826 IMG_7754 IMG_7799 IMG_7785 IMG_77935DM334155DM334205DM334565DM334625DM335095DM334765DM334925DM335395DM335455DM335575DM335605DM335625DM335805DM336015DM336405DM336185DM336315DM336345DM33686

Alicia + Ryan | Asheville, NC

I met the lovely Alicia during my senior year in college. We took digital photography together, then our last semester, took BA Seminar, the final push out of the door as an art major. I was ecstatic to hear that she was engaged, and even more excited when I got to meet the lucky guy, Ryan. I lovely spending time in Asheville with them, and got to see how they interact together, and how they laugh together, a lot. And that’s seriously the best. We got coffee and wandered downtown Asheville, then drove up to Craggy Pinnacle and hiked the trail to the incredible view of the mountains. We were able to watch a storm pass at sunset, and it gave us incredible light. I’m so in love with these images. And these people. Their wedding in April is going to be a fun one.5DM39285 5DM39448 5DM39322 5DM39386 5DM39371 5DM39292 5DM39595 5DM39527 5DM39477 5DM39705 5DM396615DM398535DM398525DM398815DM399275DM304385DM304615DM300905DM301615DM302065DM302255DM302505DM303555DM303415DM303265DM303005DM303685DM305275DM30376

Brenda + Zack | Twickenham House in Jefferson, NC

This wedding has a special place in my heart. I pulled up to Twickenham House on a foggy, cool morning, making the top of the mountain look magical. And the magic stayed for the entire day. Brenda, Zack, and their family stayed at this beautiful house for a week, preparing for the wedding with their own special details. They made the cake, the bouquets, even the bridesmaids dresses. Even the morning of their wedding day, Brenda gave her groom a haircut. It was such a personal day, and I loved capturing the love and excitement of everyone around. I honestly cannot tell you my favorite part of the day, but it may be a tie between the bride and groom shots at the cliffs, and the crazy hour of partying at the reception. Here are a few of the moments I loved the most out of the day! And a huge thank you to the amazing Amelia Fletcher for helping me capture the day. She is a rockstar.
IMG_7027 5DM393055DM39300
5DM39342 5DM39364IMG_7038 5DM395235DM39533 5DM39657 5DM39673 5DM397005DM39709 5DM394235DM393865DM394045DM397725DM397775DM397945DM398055DM39808IMG_70525DM399405DM300485DM30051-25DM300615DM30077IMG_71105DM301555DM301805DM30198IMG_71285DM303415DM303575DM303745DM30352IMG_71415DM304475DM306415DM306305DM307425DM307715DM307745DM311355DM311805DM312585DM312855DM313225DM313855DM313925DM314585DM31464

Helfrich Newborn + Family Session

I’m very excited to share these images of very lovely friends. Tyler and Brian are creators. Tyler is an incredible painter and interior designer, and Brian owns the beloved Summit Coffee in Davidson with his brother and father (which, if you know me, you know I’m there every. single. day.). In every part of their lives, this family creates with intention, whether it’s roasting coffee, working with the Davidson community, making a house into a home, and raising some pretty awesome kids…which is why I’m so happy with how this at-home session came out. It was an honor to help welcome 13 day old Silas into the world, to document the family as a whole, and to see little Bay take on her new role as big sister. I’m eager to see what adventures are in store for this family of four (Five including Huck! You can’t forget their sweet dog with a heart of gold).5DM38302 5DM38291 5DM38322 5DM383095DM384395DM384295DM383605DM383855DM384095DM386785DM386415DM386195DM386145DM386035DM38598


Taja + Everett | Deerpond Plantation, Charlotte, NC

In August I had the pleasure of capturing new beginnings with Taja and Everett, as well as Everett’s daughter (and junior bridesmaid!), LeLe. What’s just as exciting as them tying the knot? They recently found out they are expecting a baby! Taja had the cutest little baby bump. I love that on their wedding day, surrounded by loved ones, they could celebrate becoming a family so many different ways. I loved everything about this day. The weather, the venue, the details, the dancing… and can we talk about how beautiful Taja is? Her getting ready photos are my absolute favorite photos from the day. I cannot get enough of her birdcage veil, and Dolled Up by Bri did an amazing job on her makeup. Here are some of my favorites from the day!

Venue: Deerpond Plantation

Hair: Natosha Stewart at Because of You Salon

Makeup: Dolled Up by Bri

Dress: New York Bride and Groom

IMG_6908IMG_6919 IMG_67435DM37354 5DM37394 5DM37351 5DM37406 5DM37425

5DM37443 IMG_6763 5DM37453 5DM37470 5DM374685DM37490


IMG_6786 5DM37772 5DM37742 5DM37754 IMG_6810 5DM37786IMG_6803

5DM37805 5DM37849 5DM37878 5DM38199 5DM38112 5DM38162 5DM381435DM383115DM383375DM383455DM38380



The Coleman Maternity + Family Session

The Coleman Family has been with me since the beginning. Meaning, ever since I started offering portrait sessions, they’ve been there, even when I was newbie with no idea what I was doing! I’m glad I’ve gotten to document some of their milestones, and what I love even more is how much they value photography. Every time I walk into their home, there is a new framed picture up on the wall of people they love, and it makes me so happy that I get to contribute to it!

This session was actually taken a couple of months ago. Their sweet baby girl was just born, and I had the pleasure of photographing her as well. I figured I better get my rear in gear with blogging so I can share her images soon as well! Here is the Coleman’s family and maternity session!
5DM325905DM32596 5DM32630 5DM32654 5DM32663 5DM32675 5DM32718 5DM32768 5DM32776 5DM32785 5DM32806 5DM32838 5DM32867 5DM32914 5DM32991 5DM33135